Background and History

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Caravaggio belong to the Baroque art movement. He is one of the founding fathers of modern art especially because of his insistence on realism. His composition of his images is detailed implying that if a character had dirt in his or her finger nails, the artist strived to capture it. His mastery of the Baroque style was a major reason why he got the commission for the church paintings. At the onset of his career, he made mistakes in proportions but these were corrected as he gained experience. Caravaggio uses pitch dark backgrounds from which his characters emanate. This style beckons his audience to pay attention to the activities and physical attributes of his characters. In religious scenes, the artist used a stream of light to symbolize God. His unique strengths included capturing the most intense moment in a scene. He had a way of compelling viewers to contemplate on the content and themes of his work. This ability, coupled with the sculptural quality of his three-dimensional images, made his art enchanting.