After Running out of Jail

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Caravaggio worked on “David and the Head of Goliath” painting when he was running fugitive after he escaped from jail. In the painting, David is hold his own head. The image is shocking at first sight and has the potent of provoking psychological disturbance. He sent the painting to the court in Rome to petition for his pardon. The facial expression of Caravaggio’s self-portrait shows his despair. His eyes are uncoordinated and his forehead wrinkled to symbolize feelings of despair and dismay. Unlike Goliath’s, David’s face is youthful and has a hint of vigor in it. The contrast between these two faces symbolize the rift that separates life and death. Although Caravaggio was petitioning for pardon, the painting looks like a representation of the judgment he had placed on himself for all his follies. He was already convinced that he deserved the kind of fate that befell Goliath.